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First, thank you for choosing me to capture some of your special memories or even stopping by to check out my work! If you would have asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up.... I probably would have said to you. EVERYTHING! As a small town girl who grew up in Louisiana, I loved everything as a kid! Playing school, riding bikes, building tree houses around our neighborhood or anything outdoors! Mostly, anything that could drive my parents crazy!  Not your typical 'girlie girl' but I think it gave me a profound love for being outdoors and the natural light it so beautifully provides for us.

After moving to Western New York, my love for photography grew deeper and deeper. Years later, after the constant support of my husband, family and friends, I took a leap of faith and launched Bee Humble Photography! And I haven’t looked back since.  So here I am today, forming new and fun relationships with clients and continuing yearly traditions with past clients! I always say I have the "best job" in the world because it truly feels so fun and hardly like work. Every person I have met on the other side of my camera has changed me for the better one way or another and I can only hope to try and do that for them.


I like to look at every photo session as a chance to build a relationship and I am not your typical cookie cutter photographer! I love trying new things and making everyone laugh! I love golden hour sessions and real connection between families. That is one my absolute favorite aspects of all this! I consider my style to be a mix of gently posed and candid shots where we can build from the moment to get some real authentic connection. Scenic settings and golden hour light are my JAM! I consider every client to be a friend, and strive to give everyone an amazing portrait experience. I do not over-schedule, so that I am able to fully commit to each client.

I am now a mom of three beautiful boys. Who are all under nine! PHEW! They are all so sweet, and also extremely rambunctious children! I have endless patience thanks to this crew!  As a family photographer, I completely understand the nerves that sometimes come with being the subject of a photo session! The stresses that happen when picking outfits and such! That is why I happily give out a well thought out style guide to all my clients that helps ease those stresses and makes our time together a fun experience for everyone. Our Pinterest page also has lots of inspiration of the style I love to photograph. 

I know that capturing joy in children sometimes takes fun and even a little crazy! We embrace the crazy during our sessions together! It takes a lot of patience but if you let go, and love your family. The real and raw connections happen on their own.  I understand the stress that comes with all planning and time, BUT I also know that when my clients see their portraits, they always decide it was worth it every single time. 

If you are looking for genuine laughs, smiles and fun! Along with beautiful photos. I’m your girl and I hope you pick me!

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